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Being in the Mediation Room

Our clients often tell us that separating can be stressful – but that mediation was able to help them move forward and sort things out. Often this is because we offer a comfortable, calm, place to plan a way forward. In contrast to trying to sort things out on your own, arguing at drop-offs, or feeling lost; our clients say that being in a neutral place helps them communicate about what needs to be sorted out, and how they can do so.

That’s why at Family Mediation North East everything about our service, from the times you arrive, to how you leave, is arranged to ensure you have the best opportunity to sort things out. Below are some of the ways we make sure to offer the best venue possible to sort things out.

When you attend your first information meeting we’re keen to familiarise you with the environment we work in. You’ll be greeted by one of our professional mediators and you’re welcome to bring along someone for support to. The information meeting gives you the opportunity to view the room and find out about our service in a relaxed way. You’ll leave the meeting knowing about mediation, it’s alternatives and the next steps to sort something out.

If this is setting up a mediation session, our accessible venues will ensure that we offer a service that’s convenient, accessible and open to all.

The sessions themselves are also arranged to provide as much support as possible. You’ll arrive at separate times, to make sure you have chance to get settled, and you’ll leave at separate times as well. The mediator will always be there to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. You’re also able to take a break, or stop the session, at any time if you need a breather.

The layout of the room will be familiar from your information meetings too. A round table with lots of space, plenty of chairs and a flipchart will be there alongside anything you need to make you comfortable – including plenty of refreshments. To help you make the most of the session we also provide stationary to help you make notes and process the session.

Our clients find that being in a place where you’re able to have the conversations about what needs to be done makes it easier, which is why we ensure the rooms you’re in are the best they can be.

To find out more about our venues, visit our website, or call us on 01670 528441.

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