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Family Mediation can help separated couples unravel and resolve disputes about issues such as contact with children and finance and property matters. Family mediation is less stressful, has a high success rate and is quicker and cheaper than going to court.


Sometimes as part of the mediation process the mediator may recommend that you seek legal advice alongside the mediation process. This is because the mediator can give you legal information but not advice. You may be making decisions in mediation that have legal implications for you.  A solicitor can advise you on this. Pax Mediation works in partnership with several legal firms across the North East. These firms provide tailored packages of legal advice to support the mediation process.


You may feel hesitant about seeking legal advice because you are worried about the cost, so our partner legal firms have created tailored legal packages to support the mediation process so that you know the legal costs up front.


Each legal firm prices its package individually but each package has either a fixed or capped fee or is on a cost limitation basis. See their links below or contact them for more information. What usually happens is as follows:


Children Arrangements


You meet with a solicitor after proposals have been made in mediation for advice on those proposals.


Property and Finance


If you are married you will meet with your solicitor after financial disclosure for their advice prior to you and your ex-partner developing options in mediation. Your solicitor can then use the information in the Memorandum of Understanding created by you both in mediation to draft the Consent Order put before the court when you divorce.


If you are not married it is helpful to meet with a solicitor before the first mediation session to seek legal advice about financial disclosure and the law around the issues you wish to discuss in mediation in addition to the above.


For more information about our legal firm partners and their mediation legal advice packages please contact us.

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