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Planning the school holidays if you are separated

The school holidays are fast approaching. Before you know it they’ll be here. For many parents family holidays aren’t all fun in the sun. Juggling work and looking after kids or managing finances after the big expense of the family holiday can be really stressful.

If you are a separated parent you can face a particularly difficult time over the summer. In addition to the strain of juggling work and childcare you may have the stress of negotiating with your ex the arrangements for the children.

When relationships end it can be difficult to communicate for lots of reasons. Sitting down with your ex to discuss your holiday plans for the year might be the last thing you want to do. But you’ve spent time and money planning and thinking about holidays with your children, you want it to be a success and build a store of happy memories. So it is important to spend time planning how the holidays will work with your ex-partner and keep them informed.

We understand this can be difficult to do on your own because when you do try to talk it may lead to arguments. Family mediation can help. Family mediation provides a calm space and process to help you talk to each other about the plans for the holidays, avoiding arguments and helping you focus on the children.

For more information about family mediation.

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