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Our Mediation Venues

Settings are always important; from movie sets to office spaces, where we do things is almost as key as what we do there. Often people’s first question when enquiring about our services is where we are, it’s a question we’re always proud to answer as we offer a service that’s accessible to all our clients.

From our vast range of venues, to the waiting areas and facilities that are in them, to the rooms in which we help people; we’re passionate about ensuring that you’re in the right place at the right time to sort things out.

This starts with our wide range of locations. From the centre of Berwick, to the Outskirts of Durham at Family Mediation North East we service a uniquely large area. Each of our offices also has local parking and public transport links. In addition to a wide range of offices for face to face appointments we also offer our services via. Skype. So, wherever you choose, and however you’d like to get there, you should be able to reach us without too much trouble.

At our venues we also have a wide range accessibility features, including waiting areas, lifts and separate rooms when needed. All our mediators are there to ensure that our service offers as much support to you as possible, which includes arranging our facilities as best as possible. Our clients frequently feedback that being in a convenient and welcoming environment made sorting things out much less stressful, which is why we ensure we provide the level of service we do.

Even the rooms where we hold our appointments are arranged to ensure you can sort things out. This includes the layout of the table, the space between you and making sure you’re always as comfortable as possible.

So if you’re looking for a convenient, professional and successful way to sort things out call us on 01670 528441 or visit our website to find out more.

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