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Support During the Mediation Process

When we’re facing big decisions about the future, we often rely on the help and support of others. Seeking different perspectives, impartial advice and more information can allow us to answer those big questions in new and better ways. This is no different when you’re making decisions by yourself, with others or about others – and it’s also the case where you can’t agree.

Using mediation to resolve disputes provides a great way of getting support, and then using this to sort things out.

This is why at Family Mediation North East, we’re proud to offer a professional service that fits around our clients and gives them the opportunity to seek this support. From our first conversations with you, to our mediation sessions, we’re constantly checking for how, where and when we can help you to identify what you need to move forward.

For example, our website contains links for you to get advice and support. There you can find specialist organisations who help from everything from counselling to housing, from contact centres to legal advice.

We also shape our services around your needs – as clients you are in the driving seat, navigating to a solution you choose. From the start of your mediation journey at an information meeting the mediator will help identify and give you information about all the options available, as well as guiding you through what mediation would look like and what to expect.

For example, if you wish to sort arrangements for schooling, you can contact the schools, or if you need pension advice we can signpost you in the right direction. As mediators we offer a unique service that helps support you in becoming the expert in your situation – and we’re proud to offer you that opportunity.

We know that making the best decisions for the future means thinking about the options available and getting support if needed, so if you’re ready to sort things out call us on 01670 528441 or visit our website to find out more.

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