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Family Mediators Green Pledge - how are we doing?

Mediators play their part in finding new ways to share resources and resolve issues, including the challenges of climate change. We know that mediation is a cost effective, efficient, sustainable way to resolve disputes, but could we do more?

The Family Mediation Associations Green Pledge reminds mediators of the actions they can take to improve their environment and become more sustainable, suggestions include:

· Offering reusable cups instead of disposable for our client refreshments

· Plants on desks can improve oxygen flow and offset the chemicals in our environment for example from cleaning fluids

· To offer clients the most environmentally friendly venue for mediation sessions.

· It urges us to consider the most environmentally friendly travel and if we must travel, then could we look at carbon offsetting?

How are we doing our bit?

· Here at Pax Mediation we have moved to a paperless office and have used electronic files since March 2020.

· Our staff use video conference calling when communicating with each other, and we consider working from home and car sharing wherever possible.

· Where possible we cycle to work or take public transport.

· We encourage and support the use of video calling for our clients if acceptable to all, especially where a long journey is needed.

· We use only electronic communications unless specifically requested.

· When we choose venues to meet with our clients, we consider eco-friendly venues more favourably. Our venues all have motion sensor lighting.

A copy of the FMA’s Green Pledge can be viewed here:

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